Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Do I Believe In?

Some of you have sent me emails asking - What do I believe in?

I believe that the residence of Detroit, as well as me and my children deserves a better quality of life. With clean streets, safer neighborhoods and the same quality businesses that are located outside the City. Products, such as gas prices - for example, are lower in certain areas of Michigan due to business insurance rates are higher in Detroit, therefore, businesses charge Detroiters more for certain products. And since I mentioned insurance rates, Detroiters should not have to pay for higher homeowners and automotive insurance based on crime, dilapidated homes or based on the amount of insurance claims filed within Detroit. My homeowner’s insurance rate increased by 10% based on the amount of claims that were submitted. However, I never filed a claim in the entire 16 years that I have owned my home, yet my insurance rate increases every year. That alone bothers me. Insurance rates should be based on an individual’s criteria - the integrity that I have brought to the City and my loyalty to my insurance company meant nothing.

Our children deserve a better quality of life. We all know how our school system is being operated, so I’m not going to discuss our failing schools, but what about the after school programs that have been eliminated. I should not have to result to taking my children to the suburbs for quality after school or Summer programs, when I live in the biggest City in Michigan with the best historical landmarks and buildings that are not being used, not to mention highly talented, educated people that have the skills to offer our children special skills, such as gymnastics, instrumental music and kids sports.

I can go on to say, why is it that when a Detroiter calls 911 or 311 it takes the police, who we pay the highest taxes for their salary, up to 2 hours or never to respond. Detroit has the slowest response time in the entire state.

And so you asked, what do I believe in? I believe since we live in the biggest City in Michigan, Detroit should be the leader in quality businesses, quality schools, quality public safety, quality transit systems, quality neighborhoods (dilapidated homes that cannot be restored should be demolished) - Detroit should be called Capital Hill and it should represent that of a leading City, posed and draped in integrity. Detroit should not be looked down on, but it should be a hot spot that is admired by the entire country. Great talent has come out of Detroit and great talent will continue to come out of Detroit. Detroit is and will always be the City that birth’s great and talented people!

God Bless you! And I pray that I have your vote!

You have my permission to past this on to your friends and family.

Gwen Gonzalez
Candidate for Detroit City Council

Vote for me August 4, 2009


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Anonymous said...

We should protect our city..

Thank you very much...
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