Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Special Primary Mayoral Election

Hello Friends

On Tuesday, February 24, 2009, a special primary election will take place for the purpose of nominating two candidates for Mayor of Detroit, that will go on to the General Election slated for May 5, 2009. Detroit, this is your primary. Just as we came out strong during the Presidental election, lets comment to the same dedication for a new Detroit. We must remember that when we vote, we take with us the hope of better days for our seniors, our children and our City. Let us ensure that we place in office, the right person that will lead our City into better days. You must search within your heart and do your own research in studying the candidates that have been placed before you.

The candidates for Mayor is as follows:

Dave Bing
Donald R. Bradley
Stanley Michael Christmas
Ken Cockrel Jr.
Frances D. Culver
Warren Cleage Evans
Freman Hendrix
Joseph W. Holt
Nicholas Hood III
Sharon McPhil
Duane Montgomery
Brenda K. Sanders
Jerroll Sanders
D. Etta Wilcoxon
Coleman A. Young

Included in this special election are 6 Bonding Proposals:

Proposal N - City of Detroit Neighborhood Redevelopment and Economic Development Programs Bonding Proposal

Proposal S - City of Detroit Public Safety Improvements Bonding Proposal

Proposal L - City of Detroit Public Lighting Service Bonding Proposal

Proposal M - City of Detroit Municipal Facilities Bonding Proposal

Proposal C - City of Detroit Museums, Libraries, and Recreation and Other Cultural Facilities Bonding Proposal

Proposal T - City of Detroit Transportation Facilities Bonding Proposal

Remember, vote because it is not only our right, but it is the right thing to do!

If you are not certain where to vote or need additional information regarding the Special Primary Election, or need further information on what the proposal entails, please contact the Registration Division of the Department of Elections at (313)876-0190. Polls open at 7:30 a.m and close at 8:00 p.m.

Best Wishes!
Gwen Gonzalez - Precinct Delegate for District 5
Candidate for Detroit City Council