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Why are you running for Detroit City Council?

Answer: As a parent, I have a responsibility to my children to fight for safe and clean neighborhoods, quality schools, and recreational facilities. It is my responsibility to ensure that my children have access to clean air, purified drinking water, and low rate, but quality insurance that is not based on locale.

As a homeowner, I have a responsibility to ensure my investment dollars yield a higher return.

As a tax payer, I have a responsibility to ensure me and my family receives quality city services.

As a Public Servant, a Humanitarian, and an elected Precinct Delegate I have a responsibility to my community to ensure that I fight for quality programs and that I stand for what is right, by speaking boldly for what is needed to keep this city growing and competitive with other markets.

As an employee that works in the City of Detroit, I have a responsibility that my employment taxes goes into specific programs accordingly and that my employer is given an opportunity to expand globally so that I remain employed, and my employer is able to continue to employ.

As a graduate of the Detroit Public Schools (DPS), I have a responsibility to the schools that laid an educational foundation for me, so that others will have the opportunity to receive the same quality education as I did. I have a responsibility to DPS, to establish a collaboration that will build a bridge of support so that students, parents, and our communities can thrive. I have a responsibility to DPS, to ensure readiness programs are implemented, our students are prepared for college and the workforce, and that they are introduced to technological and ecological advances - increasing standards of learning beyond the twenty-first century. Lastly, it is my responsibility to ensure grant and scholarship opportunities are offered to all students.

As a union member of AFT Local 2000, I have a responsibility to my union brothers and sisters to ensure that I uphold the standard of solidarity – liberty, equality, and justice for all.

As a former business owner, I have a responsibility to my former colleagues, to ensure that they receive the necessary resources, discounts, and tax incentives so that their businesses can continue to help support and stimulate the economy, and that they are able to compete on a global scale.

For these reasons and many more, I have made the decision to run for Detroit City Council.

What are your top 3 priorities for Detroit?

Answer: My top 3 priorities for revitalizing the City of Detroit are:

1. To bring jobs back to Detroit. With people working there are lesser crimes (safer neighborhood), a lesser chance of dilapidated homes and foreclosures (people have the financial resources to buy, restore, and upkeep), and stability (working individuals have a sense of purpose, worth, and pride). If we can get people back to work, we have not only stimulated our economy, but we have given an individual the desire to pursue life goals and have saved a family from destruction. It is my number one mission as a member of City Council to work closely with businesses to expand its market into the City of Detroit and to encourage its shareholders to employ Detroit residents.

2. Partner with Detroit Public Schools. This is an effort to pursue educational excellence within our school district. There is also a great need to incorporate free after school and summer programs to ensure our youth have a safe haven and an extension to learning while their parents are at work trying to provide a better living for their children. I believe it takes a village to raise a child. It is time that individuals, businesses, and community groups focus on community outreach and redevelopment for the betterment of the City of Detroit, by first reaching out to our children. Our school district is a part of our city. Detroit can not reach its full potential and be competitive with other cities unless our school district improves.

3. Create and establish district centers in specific districts. This is a District Wide Community Initiative Program. The center will provide neighborhood resources from reporting crime and informing residents of registered sex offenders in the neighborhood, loitering and illegal dumping - to assisting residents with home improvement projects, snow removal assistance, and lawn services. As well as, assisting senior citizens as needed. The center will not only provide services to its district residents, it will also work closely with businesses and community groups to help improve the appearance of homes and property lines within the neighborhoods, and will be a local outreach to its communities that will answer the needs of the people at a closer distance, then that of downtown Detroit. As a result we have desirable, safer neighborhoods, community cohesiveness, and a city that people can be proud of.

What have been your 2 greatest contributions to the public good?

Answer: I have made many contributions that has been for the public good, however the two (2) that I find that is most dear to my heart is my volunteerism at the Detroit Radio Information Services (DRIS) where I report the news to the blind and print impaired and my teaching job, which allows me to assist individuals in accomplishing their educational and career goals. Additionally, teaching allows me to be a part of helping individuals give back to society while becoming an asset to an employer, to their family, and to their community.

What is the unique characteristic that makes you stand out among the 167 candidates running for City Council

Answer: I am an advocate for giving back into my community. You will find me volunteering my time, talents, and gifts reporting local, regional, and national news to the blind and print impaired at the Detroit Radio Information Services, a sub-carrier of WDET 101.9 FM Radio, teaching computer and business etiquette courses to young women, ages 18-25 at a local women’s transitional facility, and coaching youths, ages 4-12 in the areas of academics, athletics and leadership at a local recreational center. In addition, educating and empowering Precinct 11, District 5 communities in neighborhood safety, homeownership developmental resource awareness, and neighborhood beautification.

I am a people person. As a public servant, I do not believe in sitting behind a desk to accomplish community task. The people of Detroit need their officials out in the community meeting with residents to hear and resolve their concerns. Officials need to be talking with businesses on how they can effectively meet their needs so that businesses sales revenues can increase and as a result they can employ or increase salaries. Officials need to be researching programs that have been effective in other cities and/or states and incorporate those programs to increase revenue for our city.

I am a visionary leader. I take initiative and respond to assign task with authority, influence, motivation, responsibility, and accountability. I handle complex issues using managerial concepts and models that will effectively accomplish organizational goals while satisfying the needs and desires of my clients. I see beyond what measures should be taken to increase profit share and implement core values - incorporating innovative actions to empower relationships for the betterment of the organization. I am able to see opportunities and convert them into benefits. I think strategically and analytical for solutions that transcends into increase performance and quality assurance.

These and many more characteristics and attributes I have that causes me to be unique and stand apart from any other individual or candidate, thus that is what makes me the best candidate for a seat on Detroit’s City Council.

What is your current occupation?

Answer: Professor of Education (Career Programs) – Wayne County Community College District

What is your educational background: (Where, when, what degrees held)?

Answer: Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Development from Spring Arbor University - Alumni Class of 2004; Master’s Degree in Marketing and Project Management from Columbia Southern University.

Do you have any felony convictions?

Answer: Absolutely not.

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